Every individual is unique, and can’t be slotted into either a Science or The Arts category – but when it comes to education and career choices, it’s safe to say that most people lean towards one or the other when making their choice. If you’re a combination of both scientific and analytical but with creative and artistic tendencies, you might have been faced with the decision about which you would like to make a career out of. It’s a common assumption that scientific or STEM-related careers are more stable and secure than creative pathways such as painting or writing, but every job is what you make of it.

There are, however, opportunities out there which enable you to build a career on incorporating the two. You can have a technical, scientific mind which you wish to make the most out of, but you may want the opportunity to integrate your design ideas or creative skills.

Here are some career ideas for those with a more STEM-related education who’d also like to explore their creativity.

1. Civil Engineering

A career in civil engineering is one which will keep you busy and enable you to be a part of many exciting and interesting projects, in many different locations. It’s a steady career path which deals with the construction and maintenance of buildings and public works, including bridges, railways, and pipelines.

Not only that, but civil engineering will allow you to work with design ideas and creative projects. Its core values are designing, building and analyzing structures and various developments.

If you’re already qualified in a similar career path, institutions such as Michigan Tech offer the next step with an online MS in Civil Engineering, ensuring that you have the top qualifications ready to get the best out of this particular job.

2. Animation

This career choice is a prime example of how a scientific and technical background can work in absolute harmony with an artistic side. To be an animator in this day and age, it is not enough to be good at drawing. You need to be equipped to use a variety of software and design programs, with a savvy knowledge of computer science – as well as being able to draw.

A lot of technical work goes into the animation of TV shows and movies, and the more relevant experiences and qualifications you have, the better. To get started in this career path, you will need a base understanding of computer science to gain the qualifications you require, as well as a talent for artistry.

3. Communications, Advertising or Marketing

This career category will always be relevant, and it is expanding, due to the growth in technology and the online presence of the world. These industries are varied and ever-changing and can be very interesting to work in.

With a background in STEM-education, this will lay the perfect foundation for the knowledge you’ll need to work with computer software and different programs to create campaigns, press releases, marketing material, and any other relevant documentation. By doing so, you’ll also be tapping into your creative side on a vast scale, especially if you have to make the releases yourself from scratch.

You may also be required to pitch and sell your ideas, meaning creative presentation skills are a must.

4. Product Management

This career means you always need to be ahead of your game. In the world of product management, you are always required to be innovative, creative, and present to improve a user’s experience. While it may sound like it’s primarily creative, the groundwork and the behind-the-scenes tasks will be achieved using software and data analysis to truly get the best experience for consumers. It’s likely you will have to sift through a lot of technical data in this position.

It can be a very rewarding career path, as it will enable you to integrate yourself into an exciting world of new products and marketing, speaking to a variety of people and undertaking interesting research across the globe.

A technical and computer science background is perfect for this, as it’s likely you’ll need to undertake some coding, too.

5. Web Design

Businesses and individuals are always looking to optimize their online presence, and that isn’t going to change any time soon – in fact, it’s more likely that the need will continue to grow. Web design is a fantastic market to get into, because (similar to animation) it combines the technical, computer tools with being creative and designing something from scratch. It allows you to work with clients and market their needs in a creative way, too.

There will be a lot of competition in this market, but there is also a great need for it, too, which means you are likely to find work with this one if you’re very good (and qualified) at what you do.

Coding and SEO knowledge is also essential.

6. Fashion Design

This may sound a world away from any sort of STEM education, but don’t be deceived. To be a fashion designer, you need to be very good at mathematics and working with equations. You need to be able to make a flat piece of material somehow form into a designer outfit on a model with particular proportions, and you need to know what you’re doing when you’re measuring and cutting. A creative mind won’t cut it alone with this career choice.

Technical knowledge will also help in the marketing of your creations and your brand, especially online.

7. Data Journalism

If writing is more your creative channel as opposed to fashion or drawing, data journalism could be a great choice for you. Data journalists are required to analyze a large amount of raw data and turn it into legible information through the medium of concise words. You’ll need to have a keen mind to make sense of data and trends and transform it into material which can be very easily understood. It’s an extremely methodical and technical process, but also a very creative one.

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