We have partnered with Colony.io, a platform for community collaboration, to allow our community not only contribute to the knowledge base but also get rewarded for it.

WebCookies.org depends on the collective knowledge and research on building the catalogue of web cookies, trackers, fingerprinting techniques and threats used currently on the web. So far you were sending cookie details and requests to us using classic contact form, which was a bit of a workaround. Now, since we strongly support the idea of decentralized web, choosing an Ethereum-based technology for collaboration was a logical step to create a completely new way of crowdsourcing.

The only thing you need to start contributing is MetaMask (or any other ERC20-compatible wallet). Many parts of our website, like the list of Top cookie names now have links to our Colony community where you can create a suggestion to improve or research particular cookie names. These are then turned into tasks which are allocated a specific budget... and you're free to go and contribute with DAI tokens going to your wallet.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the program can be also added on the Colony community of course!