This cookie name is being set on 129,496 websites and 32,690 distinct domains and we have seen it bein used in the following objects:

  • 129,496 HTTP cookies

Cookie origin and purpose

Below you can find the best information on this cookie we have at this moment. Please note it may be incomplete or inaccurate as there's vast population of cookies out there on the web.

  • Java J2EE or WebLogic Server session cookie. (confidence 0.75)

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  • Java Servlet Specification generic session cookie (confidence 0.5)

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If you need us to do a more thorough research on this cookie please create a suggestion on Colony.

Cookie classification

  • necessary (confidence 0.7)
  • unknown (confidence 0.3)

Sample values

Sample value:
Sample value:
Sample value:

Domains targeted by JSESSIONID cookie

This list includes both third-party domains set by tracking and adversing companies, as well as the first-party domains of the websites that use this cookie name.

Websites setting JSESSIONID cookie

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