This cookie name is being set on 19,841 websites and 3,517 distinct domains and we have seen it bein used in the following objects:

  • 19,841 HTTP cookies

Cookie origin and purpose

  • A generic language preference functional cookie. The cookie is used to store user's preferred language for the website to be able to display the preferred translation without user intervention. In contrast to content language negotiation preference passed by Accept-Language HTTP header, the cookie setting will only work for this particular website only (confidence 0.75) » Reference...

Cookie classification

  • unknown (confidence 0.3)
  • functional (confidence 0.7)

Sample values

Sample value:

                    Sample value:

Sample value:

Domains targeted by lang cookie

This list includes both third-party domains set by tracking and adversing companies, as well as the first-party domains of the websites that use this cookie name.

Websites setting lang cookie

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