This cookie name is being set on 38 websites and 6 distinct domains and we have seen it bein used in the following objects:

  • 38 HTTP cookies

Cookie origin and purpose

Cookie classification

  • unknown (confidence 0.5)
  • tracking (confidence 0.5)

Sample values

Sample value:
{"distinct_id": "164e6d5557de6-0d8b16b07-31570915-c0000-164e6d5557eb2b","$initial_referrer": "$direct","$initial_referring_domain": "$direct","first_wp_page": "B-Stock Solutions: Online Marketplace Solutions for Overstock and Excess Inventory","first_wp_contact": "Sun Jul 29 2018"}
Sample value:
{"distinct_id": "16567d65a635f-04af234aa-31570915-c0000-16567d65a645e1","first_wp_page": "B-STOCK SOURCING NETWORK | B-Stock Sourcing Network","first_wp_contact": "Thu Aug 23 2018","$initial_referrer": "$direct","$initial_referring_domain": "$direct"}
Sample value:
{"distinct_id": "165a70aea6e40d-02bb05ca6-31570915-c0000-165a70aea6f335","$initial_referrer": "$direct","$initial_referring_domain": "$direct"}

Domains targeted by mp_b328da9ac03c4952e524c40fbb0ab0ad_mixpanel cookie

This list includes both third-party domains set by tracking and adversing companies, as well as the first-party domains of the websites that use this cookie name.

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