This cookie name is being set on 353,691 websites and 3,053 distinct domains and we have seen it bein used in the following objects:

  • 353,691 HTTP cookies

Cookie origin and purpose

  • Criteo unique user tracking cookie keeping internal ID personalised for the visitor (confidence 1.0) » Reference...
  • tracking cookie (confidence 1.0) » Reference...
  • Generic AddThis tracking cookie (confidence 0.75) » Reference...

Cookie classification

  • unknown (confidence 0.2)
  • tracking (confidence 0.8)

Sample values

Sample value:

                    Sample value:

Sample value:

Domains targeted by uid cookie

This list includes both third-party domains set by tracking and adversing companies, as well as the first-party domains of the websites that use this cookie name.

Websites setting uid cookie

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