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Privacy Impact Score

Privacy Impact Score is a score reflecting overall cookie-related impact of the website relative to other websites, primarily taking into account the number of third-party domains it reports to and number of persistent cookies it sets. See Privacy Impact Score article for more details.

Third-party domains
Persistent cookies
Session cookies

Third-party domains is the count of organisations allowed by the webmaster to trace your across the site. These cookies may be set for various purposes, like tracking ads displayed on the website, collection of statistics, targeted advertising etc. This website allows 0 other websites to track your activity.

Persistent cookies are the cookies that are preserved through browser shutdowns. This means, even if you close this page today and ever return there in future, the website will know you're a returning visitor. This may be used for "remember me" features, as well as persistent user tracking. These cookies, especially if set by third party organisations, are powerful tool for monitoring your activities across all the websites you visit. This website sets 0 persistent cookies with average life-time of 0 days and longest 0 days.

Session cookies are cleared when you close your browser and allow the website to identify user's state — such as logged-in users. They are mostly considered harmless because they cannot be used for long-term user tracking. This site sets 1 session cookies.

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Cookies and Privacy Attributes

  • Type: HTTP Cookie
  • Domain:
  • The cookie is only valid during current browser session and it will be deleted when you close browser
  • Secure The cookie looks like a session cookie and correctly uses the Secure flag to prevent session identifier leaks through plaintext channels » More...
  • httpOnly This cookie can be read by client-side JavaScript which might increase chances of stealing it in case of a successful Cross-Side Scripting attack. It's recommended that cookies storing authentication-related session token are protected by the flag » More...
  • Sample value:

TLS/SSL configuration report

TLS score

See full SSL/TLS security report for

HTTP security-related headers assessment

Security score

Security-related HTTP headers

  • Server: Apache

    Announces web server software and optionally version details.


  • Feature-Policy: microphone 'none'; payment 'none'; sync-xhr 'self'; geolocation 'none'; camera 'none'

    Allows web developers selectively enable and disable specific web technologies, especially those that enable two-way communication between the user and web application. For example, the header may inform the user mobile device that the website is not using camera or location tracking by design.


  • Expect-CT: max-age=7776000, enforce

    The Expect-CT header allows sites to opt in to reporting and/or enforcement of Certificate Transparency requirements, which prevents the use of misissued certificates for that site from going unnoticed. When a site enables the Expect-CT header, they are requesting that the browser check that any certificate for that site appears in public CT logs.


  • Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains; preload

    HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is an opt-in security enhancement that is specified by a web application through the use of a special response header.


  • X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN

    Instructs the browser if the current website can be embedded in HTML frame by another website. Since this allows the parent website to control the framed page, this creates a potential for data theft attacks ("clickjacking") and most sensitive websites won't allow them to be framed at all (deny) or just allow parts of them to be embedded in frames created by themselves only (samesite).


  • X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block

    Controls an Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) filters built into the majority of web browsers. The filter is usually turned on by default anyway, but requirement to set the header to 1 became part of canonical set of "secure" HTTP headers. Over time, vulnerabilities in the "sanitizing" mode filter were found, so 1; mode=block became the recommended value. Some companies decided that they don't really need a browser-side XSS filter to mess with their web services which are XSS-free anyway and they became consciously disabling the XSS filter by setting the header to 0.


  • Referrer-Policy: no-referrer-when-downgrade

    The Referrer-Policy HTTP header governs which referrer information, sent in the Referer header, should be included with requests made.


  • X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff

    A non-standard but widely accepted header introduced originally by Microsoft to disable "content sniffing" or heuristic content type discovery in absence or mismatch of a proper HTTP Content-Type declaration, which led to a number of web attacks. In general, presence of the header with its only defined value of nosniff is considered as part of a properly secured HTTP response.


Content Security Policy

  • default-src 'none'; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' ; connect-src 'self' ; img-src 'self' data: ; font-src 'self' data: ; style-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' ; form-action 'unsafe-inline' 'self' ; base-uri 'none' ; block-all-mixed-content ; frame-ancestors 'none' ; object-src 'none' ; frame-src 'self' ; manifest-src 'self' ;


Most web pages load a number of sub-resources such as images, style sheets (CSS), JavaScript files, web fonts, audio or video files and other web pages in frames. Each of these sub-resources may be loaded from the same server (first-party resource) or servers belonging to other parties (third-party resources). In the latter case, the third-party will see a request coming from your browser with the information on the originating page and it can set its own cookies, both of which are frequently used for user tracking. Note that the cookies set by these sub-resources are already recorded in our cookie statistics for this page.


  • Resource securely loaded over TLS
  • Resource insecurely loaded over plaintext HTTP.
  • Mixed content warning. This resource is loaded over plaintext HTTP on TLS page will be blocked by most modern browser. Read more...
  • A third-party resource. It may perform its own tracking on your requests and receive partial information about your activities on the original website
  • Resource with reputation warnings
  • Blacklisted domain
  • Suspicious pattern detected
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