All-in-one free web application security tool. Web application vulnerability and privacy scanner with support for HTTP cookies, Flash, HTML5 localStorage, sessionStorage, CANVAS, Supercookies, Evercookies. Includes a free SSL/TLS, HTML and HTTP vulnerability scanner and URL malware scanner.

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This website supports Do Not Track (DNT) HTTP header. If your web browser is configured to send itsee how will disable personalised tracking on our pages by disabling potential tracking code such as Gogole AdSense and social buttons. And we don't use Google Analytics, Mixpanel or similar tracking systems in the first place.

Your current Do-Not-Track status
  • DNT header in your browser: OFF
  • Analytics and social platforms code on our website: ON
  • navigator.doNotTrack property in your browser: UNKNOWN

We implement the following privacy-related W3C recommendations:

Looking at implementing DNT support in your own website? If using Django, take a look at this tutorial, otherwise see this collection of snippets.