This page allows you to test how websites may responds to a Do Not Track (DNT) HTTP header. If your DNT header is set to ON, a compliant website should not include social buttons and analytics code that performs behavioral tracking, or at least switch to them to a non-personalized mode. does not have any tracking code, so we don't need to disable anything (please see our Privacy Policy for more details).

Your current Do-Not-Track status

  • This is what we and other websites are seeing on the server-side.

  • DNT status in your browser's DOM.

    • This is the only JavaScript DOM value that should be supported today.

    • Legacy setting, can be ignored.

    • Legacy Microsoft setting, can be ignored.

  • Your cookies consent on

    If you have consented to our cookies, this checkbox will be enabled. You can also change your consent here. also implements the following privacy-related W3C recommendations:

Looking at implementing DNT support in your own website? If using Django as we do check out this django-dnt middleware, otherwise see collection of snippets.

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