WebCookies.org engine can significantly help in performing General Data Protection Regulation audit per requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 in the following areas:

  • Consent forms and privacy policies — as you need to prepare an intelligible consent forms, you need to be clear on what data is being stored on user's device and what is its purpose. WebCookies helps here by providing a detailed list of data along with its classification for well-known third-party services (such as Google Analytics) and it helps you write the privacy policy and minimize the requirements for a manual cookie audit. It also allows easy classification of the data as "essential", "tracking" etc. This seems to be especially important as GDPR is highlighting the need to obtain consent for various purposes.
  • These days the data stored in the user browser is way broader than just cookies — as opposed to many similar tools, WebCookies handles most of the existing web data storage techniques in addition to the regular HTTP cookies.
  • Breach notification — the scanner detects pages that contain suspicious patterns, malicious third-party URLs and "hacked by" defacement signatures, thus contributing to a early warning for web page compromises
  • Right to access — as it comes to client-side stored data, WebCookies.org provides a convenient electronic format for cookie reports that can be immediately presented to the customer
  • Privacy by design — WebCookies provides you with a clear view on what potentially privacy-invasive technologies are being used by the underlying technology; the scanner detects all major browser fingerprinting techniques, which even if they technically do not store any data in user browser, are definitely used to uniquely identify the user

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