We have introduced Privacy Impact Score (PIS) as an simple indicator of website's usage of potentially privacy intrusive technologies such as third-party or permanent cookies, CANVAS trackers etc. The PIS formula is being constantly refined and it takes into account the number of third-party domains, the number of persistent cookies as well as presence of other privacy-intrusive tracking techniques (such as CANVAS trackers).

The score can be in the range from 0 to 100, where 0 is minimal privacy impact (best) and 100 is the biggest privacy impact (worst) relative to other web sites.

The score has also a simplified letter and colour presentation:

  • No cookies
  • Score below the average
  • Score within one standard deviation from the average
  • Score within two standard deviations from the average
  • Score within three standard deviations from the average
  • Score above three standard deviations from the average

Short-lived (session) and first-party cookies are not currently taken into the calculation as they are usually purely technical cookies and their impact on privacy is minimal. See the What is the privacy impact of web cookies? article for more details.

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