No, supercookies are not gigantic, tasty double chocolate chip cookies, although we wish they were as supercookies are rather dangerous. To understand supercookies, it's worth knowing what regular cookies are. A cookie is a tiny bit of code that is downloaded to a user's browser every time they visit a new website. The cookies store bits of information that may be helpful for the user or the website. For example, if you're on the Easy Slots website playing games, the games you play are stored in a cookie, so the next day when you're browsing social media, you may see any advert for Easy Slots which will make you want to click and play again. If you are feeling lucky again then jump over to the games available at easy slots, you can read more here.

Now onto the bigger cookies, supercookies. Supercookies are a tracking cookie but they are a lot more harmful. If you don't want cookies following you around the web then you can simply get rid of them by clearing your browsing data. However, supercookies are a lot harder to get rid of. This is because supercookies aren't actually cookies as they are not stored in your browser. They are in fact pieces of information which are unique to a user's connection which is inserted into a HTTP header by an ISP to gain data about a user's internet browsing history.

Supercookies are dangerous for various reasons. The first reason is privacy violation as they can contain a significant amount of information surrounding the user's history and internet habits. They can also be used by advertisers to effectively restore deleted cookies from a person's history and link them back to new ones. The harmful supercookies store metadata and various other types of data too which can be quite scary as this can lead to a data breach and causes a huge privacy issue. It's even more dangerous when hackers get hold of this information.

If you're now in a state of panic and you're wondering what you can do about supercookies then we're afraid we don't have a great answer. Supercookies store so much information about you but deleting them is extremely difficult to do. You can't do very much to get rid of them. There are a few things you can do though to for safer browsing though.

The first thing you can do is remove printer/copier hard drives before they are placed in the recycle bin and don't put any personal details onto the networked copier at work. Also make sure to use firefox extensions NoScript and RequestPolicy which helps control 3rd party sites. It's also worth using the targeted advertising cookie opt-out plugin which will automatically opt out of any 3rd party sites. When on Facebook, ensure that you never accept an app invitation if it looks suspicious as these can be riddled with supercookies. To protect yourself further on social media sites like Facebook, it's important to not have your full birth data visible to the whole world, don't attach your address or your phone number to your profile. Following these simple steps will help protect you.

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