Perhaps you have had a passion for fashion your whole life and want to turn it into a career, or you just love making people feel good and appreciate how much looking good is a part of that. Either way, starting an online fashion shop is a lucrative way to make money in this modern, online marketplace and a great way to build your business empire.

This article is going to give you some sound advice on how to get started the right way, including:

  • The products you should sell (and how to expand)
  • The audience you want to target
  • How to get your voice heard

By covering these three bases, you will be off to a great start.

Starting strong

When you are starting out, you need to make sure the first products you stock are going to generate enough interest and profit for you to not only keep going but to expand in the future. Finding hoodies suppliers is a fantastic starting point, as hoodies…

  • Come in a wide range of styles, allowing for diversity
  • Fashion, everyday wear, sporting, and novelty hoodies (novelty hoodies selling especially well around the holidays)
  • They offer function, comfort, and style which ticks all the boxes of great fashion items

TOP TIP: Hoodies are largely a seasonal item, but you can make your store profitable all year long by selling matching apparel such as bags, badges, scarves, and t-shirts.

Hitting your target

A huge part of any successful business, be it online or not, is being able to connect and hit home with your target audience. The reason why you need to know your target audience inside and out is that consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that they feel a personal connection with, rather a brand that is generic or faceless.

Let’s say you are starting your shop selling hoodies and ask yourself these following questions:

  1. What age range am I appealing to?
  2. What function do I want the hoodies I sell to serve?

So, if you are trying to appeal to teenage girls by selling fashion hoodies, you will want to find products that are brightly colored and patterned. However, if you are appealing to adults by selling hoodies to wear during sport, you will want to go for neutral colors and functional pockets and zips.

Getting noticed (for all the right reasons)

With the marketplace getting bigger by the day, you will need to know how to stand out from the crowd so that you are not missing out on potential profits.

  • Branding is critical – you need a clear look, vision, and idea underpinning your store that, just like your products, speaks to your target audience.
  • Easy navigation – it can be surprising how quickly people will abandon items they love the look of if the website is clunky and difficult to navigate. Make sure your website is sleek and easy to use.
  • Offer promotional code for new and repeating customers through an annual email to keep interest high.