Creating a landing page for your app or software is just as important as other marketing tactics, especially if you are marketing the app to a specific niche. You want the landing page for your app to provide complete information while remaining simple and usable.

App landing pages also need to convert, which makes the task of designing a good one even more difficult. But, worry not, because the tips and tricks we are about to discuss will help you design the perfect landing page in no time.

Structure Your Information

One of the most important things to remember about designing a landing page for your software is that the structure of the page needs to tell a complete story. For this, you can learn from the website for Altium and its suite of pcb design tools.

Altium has a number of solutions for designing PCBs, which puts them at risk of having a website too complicated for their users. However, the main page of Altium’s website is actually very clean-cut. You get information about success stories and immediately gain information about the benefits of using Altium’s solutions.

If you scroll down further, you then get two calls to action – one that directs you to a How to Buy page and another that puts you in touch with the sales representative of the company. Can you see how a simple structure like this can be very effective?

Design a Usable Navigation

Navigation is the next thing to tackle. Yes, you can create a one-page site for your app or software, but one page is rarely enough. As apps become more complex, you need to provide users with information that helps them make the most out of your solution.

A usable navigation is more than enough to keep the landing page usable while displaying more information. Since you are no longer limited to just one page, you can be as extensive as you want while maintaining a smooth user experience and journey.

Usable navigation needs to be consistent as well. One quick thing you can do is add links to key pages in the footer of the page. This way, users always know where to go next without having to scroll all the way up to access the navigation menu.

Don’t Forget Readability

As tempting as it may be to design a visually pleasing landing page, one last aspect you must never forget to address is readability. You want the landing page to be accessible, as this is a key component to a smooth user experience.

Thanks to web fonts, readability is seldom an issue. As long as you use fonts that are naturally readable, like Lato and Open Sans, and keep the kerning and spacing in check, you can display longer text without reducing readability of the site as a whole.

There are still a lot of issues to address before you can have a truly optimized landing page for your software or app, but the three tips we covered today will help you get started. Do the landing page correctly, and you can convert more users faster.