generic_javascript_obfuscation5 in

On 2020-09-09T15:48:00.771815+00:00 we found pattern generic_javascript_obfuscation5, type: Suspicious, (JavaScript obfuscation is frequently used to hide malicious code (or with hope to protect intellectual property)) in the page… referenced from .

Code sample:

b'["ar","he","fa","az","ur","pa","ps","ug","yi"],H="left";this.textDirection="ltr";for(B=0;B<P.length;B++)if(P[B]===this.userLanguage.toLowerCase()){this.textDirection="rtl",' … b"['','\x15\xc2\xa7\x1en\xc2\x8a$',''],['','Cookiebot',''],['','\x15\xc2\xa7\x1en\xc2\x8a$',''],['','YouTube',"

This feature is experimental so please feel free to contact us if you feel any of the reported issues is a false positive or you want to suggest a pattern that should be detected (we are using Yara standard).

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